Shine By Three, It Will Take You Places

Shine By Three , virtual hub for fashion and travel curated by uber talented Margaret Zhang, will take you places.

Corse, Nice, Bangkok, Phuket, Morocco, just name it, and with each goes a rainbow of colors, impressions and the best visuals fashion can spur. “Fashion is in the sky, in the street”, Coco Chanel would say. For Margaret, it is in the color of a Moroccoan wall, a New York pretzel, the narrow streets of Vieux Nice.

Shine By Three also comes with a good dose of exquisite prose. As a matter of fact, Miss Zhang is an exceptionally sharp-tongued, insightful and opinionated writer, a notable read being Skin Cells, on her self-declared “Tasian” breed and her outlook on the Asian approach to skin care and beauty canons. 

Shine By Three is a most wonderful treat from Down Under and more editorial goodies can be found on Fellt, showcasing it alongside other staggering Australian talents.